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He struts over and sits next to me, undressing me with his eyes.

"Here we are," he says, rubbing my thigh (which makes me shake) and I nod.

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;) Added: 19-Feb-2017 One weekend Claude invited me over. I was a little nervous because I"d never been touched by a grown man before...

I was surprised when I got there to find I was the only one there. Added: 04-Jan-2017 Well, I was at Lewiss house yesterday and he led me blindfolded into his bedroom.

I send a picture of me, naked, turned around, wearing a pair of my sister's panties that make my juicy lil booty look even juicier. He keeps saying that my ass is perfect and that I'm perfect and I feel so happy.

My stomach does more flips when we get in the elevator, where I half expect to be murdered.

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