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Political leaders were elected by the men of the community every eight years.

Membership levels were initially first and second degree, but in the 1750s this was expanded to create the third degree which caused a split in the group.The three degrees of Masonry are: 1: Entered Apprentice, this makes you a basic member of the group.2: Fellow Craft, this is an intermediate degree in which you are meant to develop further to gain admission to their meetings, as well as to identify themselves to other people who may be Masons.The international terms "Albania" and "Albanian" are based on the root *alb- , *arb- , which also is the source of the word Arberesh , which is used to describe the Italo-Albanians of southern Italy.That root also appears as *lab- in Labëria , referring to the southern Albanian region from Vlorë southward to the Greek border, and *rab- in early Slavic, as in raban , rabanski ("Albanian").

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