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A painful breakup can cause you to fall into depression.

You miss your ex (even if you know the breakup is for the best), you’re feeling miserable and crying often, or maybe you just feel numb and empty.

Our findings, however, are consistent with several other sources, including hospital episode statistics and the recent Scottish Health Survey.'This is the first cohort of young people to come of age with social media; we need to find out what this means for mental health.

I’ve suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember really, but didn’t have it confirmed until I was 18 when the thought of leaving the house had me curled up into the Fetal position sobbing, believing that I was going to die.

At 19, I found myself dropping out of university after two weeks (I tell people I just went for Fresher’s, it seems to be far more understandable) and heading home.

I had always been the big girl, everyone’s friend but no-ones girlfriend, something that never really bothered me but seemed to bother other people.

So add a journey of weight-loss to a an already anxious person and bam!

In fact, research suggests that most of the stressful events that cause depression among women are related to their close social network, such as romantic and marital relationships, child-rearing and parenting.

These findings suggest that psychosocial causes of depression may be at least partially gender-specific, and that these disparities are rooted in different life conditions – social inequalities – that men and women experience.'Or, that positive reductions in stigma meant young women felt more able to disclose.

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