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favourite Jamie Borthwick has been joking about a rather embarrassing secret from his past - he used to fancy his co-star Emma Barton.

Jamie, who is known for his role as hapless Jay Brown, developed something of a teenage crush on Emma - who plays Honey Mitchell - with quite amusing results.

In the past decade, the internet and therefore sex-stuff has gotten more and more accessiblem threatening to pollute your child's mind from more angles than ever.

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Does anyone really get a “birds and the bees” talk from their parents? When I was first starting to maybe understand the basics of sex, it was the early 2000s: a simpler time when the internet wasn't even good.

Watson reflected on the book's themes in a recent blog post.

"Wolves and women share many qualities: playfulness, strength, curiosity, bravery, they are adaptive, and each care deeply for their young," she wrote.

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