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If you wish to join and chat without registration, simply provide a nickname and join and if you want to protect this nickname so that no one other than you can use this nickname, you can set a password for this nickname too.

You must provide a username and check Login as guest option to use our free chat rooms. We would launch a mobile version for Android, i Phone and Symbian(If Possible).

First, you have to figure out if you get any local channels in HD over the air. If you have a strong signal for the local channels you are interested in, then you’re in luck.

It’s easy to buy an OTA antenna and connect it to your HDTV at home, but to stream those OTA channels to your phone requires a bit more hardware. For those of you with a cable subscription, things are a bit easier.

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You can join our online chat room either with or without registration.

Looking to catch up on the latest news, sports, and entertainment on your i Phone? When I say watch TV, I mean either watching prerecorded shows or watching live TV.

There are a whole slew of ways you can get content on your i Phone these days and I’ll try to break it down into something that makes sense to most people.

Let’s start with the local channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

The only way you can currently watch local channels live on your i Phone is if you have a cable subscription or have an OTA (Over the Air) antenna with a third-party streaming device.

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