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Connecting the printer to your cell phone, on the other hand, requires no wires.

Instead the printer can use a Bluetooth connection to receive images from the phone.

This app helps you fake perfect skin: Smooth creases and wrinkles, even out skin tone, erase zits, create an overall more flattering visage with a few simple swipes.

It also offers a reshape feature that allows you to make yourself look taller and thinner, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The range of tools are plentiful, and includes “slimify,” “blemish fix” and “make-up.” Plus, there’s a cool collage function, and you can select various backgrounds and frames.

The resulting picture has a peel-off back that exposes a sticky adhesive -- so this photo can be used as a label.Renowned photographer Bill Frakes has been let go as a visiting professor at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln after a sexual harassment complaint filed against him was judged by the university to be credible.Photographers take great care in choosing the right gear for a trip.Robert Mapplethorpe made his reputation as a photographer in the period between the 1969 gay-bashing raid at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street and the identification of HIV in 1983.This was the High Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, the Bourbon Louis Romp, the Victorian imperial pomp, the Jazz Age, the Camelot moonshot, the Swinging Sixties of gay culture in New York.

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