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Hot off the heels of last year’s Adult Panto - DICK WHITTY the Market Theatre Company return to bring to life the story of Sinbad the Sailor and his epic adventures across the seas to defeat the one-eyed monster - packing it with corny jokes, raunchy plots and blatant sexual innuendo! Not suitable for under 16's Tickets £15.00With a minimum of set, props and costume the fearless company of 3 will take this traditional story and distort it almost beyond recognition.Featuring Nick Hooton, Carrie Laurence and Pip Johnson - who, with the help of various traditional pantomime characters (and some not so traditional) will keep you entertained and prolong the all too short seasonal spirit! ‘Quintessentially British Like a Carry On film made by a Rugby Club!He has also been made the subject of a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order and will be placed on the sex offender register for the rest of his life.On June 18, of this year, two women from Kidderminster reported that they had been sexually assaulted.Tourist attractions include Dudley Zoo and Castle, the 12th century priory ruins, and the Black Country Living Museum.its name deriving from the Old English Duddan Leah, meaning Dudda's clearing, and one of its churches being named in honour of the Anglo-Saxon King and Saint, Edmund.Get ready for an evening of slick, fast-moving, farcical fun and bawdy sexual innuendo (did we mention the innuendo? POLICE have launched a urgent investigation into how a convicted rapist was able to attack another two women in Kidderminster, weeks after he was released on licence.

Originally a market town, Dudley was one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution and grew into an industrial centre in the 19th century with its iron, coal, and limestone industries before their decline and the relocation of its commercial centre to the nearby Merry Hill Shopping Centre in the 1980s.The Albright school buildings remain in use as a community facility.It was opened in 1932 as Rowley Regis Secondary Modern Boys School and later became a mixed school with the title Britannia High School.Working iron and mining for coal was in practice as early as the 13th century.You are just a step away from joining our mixed-sex, singles league for adults (aged 18 ).

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