Dating rituals north american wasp

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It was a cute, quick read, and though I wanted to shake some sense into the characters a couple of times, it wasn't so much that I got annoyed by it.

Peggy Adams is upset when she wakes up next to a strange man after a Vegas night she can't remember...she's horrified when she discovers that she married him!

But check this one out of the library or I'll send you mine.

One of my favorite activities in the entire world is reading for pleasure.

Moreover, the talented works of unexpected and appreciated bonus...[WASP] is the full package: a clever plot, captivating characters, and the affirmation that there's someone out there for everyone - even the waspiest of WASPs.

If you're headed to the beach, this is definitely one to pick up!

Both are ready for an annulment, until Peggy arrives in quaint New Nineveh, CT, where Luke cares for his Great Aunt, and the old woman makes Peggy an offer she can't refuse.

Hung-over and miserable, she sneaks out of the sleeping man's hotel room and returns home to New York, where her boyfriend apologizes for the fight and gives her a Tiffany box After arguing with her live-in boyfriend about his inability to commit, Peggy Adams flies to a friend's bachelorette party in Las Vegas, and wakes up next to a man she can't remember.

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Coming up with new ideas can't be easy and I think her writing style is so enjoyable it would still be worth it to check out her third book whenever that comes out.When Peggy drives up to New Nineveh to get the marriage annulled, Luke’s Great Aunt refuses to let this happen.She tells the couple they are to stay married one year (seeing each other only on weekends, since Peggy had a store to run) and if they then choose to end the marriage at that time, they can sell the family house (a sprawling mansion that is falling apart) and split the money. The book outlines the major events of the next year and how Peggy and Luke struggled to keep how they married a secret from the town of New Nineveh, how Peggy struggled to fit in as a WASP, as well as how to keep her own love life together without telling her on again/off again boyfriend she was already married; and ultimately, how the two struggled, separately, to keep themselves from coming out with their true feelings for one another." "[One of] summer's best beach reads: A crumbling manse, whiskey punch, and the ruggedly handsome scion of a preppy Connecticut family lead to an unorthodox marriage pact in Lauren Lipton's Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp." Wickedly funny, yet deeply poignant, this book marks the debut of a sparkling new voice.Lipton writes with wit, intelligence, and, most of all, heart.— Author of The Lake of Dead Languages and The Ghost on IT'S ABOUT YOUR HUSBAND Lipton is a talented writer who has created a genuinely likeable character in Iris.

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