Deanna russo and justin bruening dating

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Again, it’s 25 years later so we have to update the car, update the people and be in touch with the times.

"We went through the pilot and then, you know, we don’t want to disappoint some of the fans of the two-hour and we have four characters coming from that, so we made sure that those four characters clicked into what the new mythology was for the series."I think deep down we all had the confidence that it was going to go to series," Justin Bruening adds.Showrunner Gary Scott Thompson was not involved in the TV-movie but did explain the process of reinventing the concept even more as a weekly series.The hubris and lack of rational thought involved in producing this stinker are kind of mind-boggling, though less so in a TV week that already gave us that five-headed Emmy-hosting monstrosity.Basically, NBC produced a "Knight Rider" TV-movie because network boss Ben Silverman was a big fan of NBC's cheesier side in the '80s.

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