Tamia dating

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The process of the project really doesn’t take a long time, as far as my part—choosing the songs and getting the actual work done.

The R&B powerhouse recently paid a visit to JET and talked to us about her new project, , her view of R&B music today, and the loves of her life.I didn’t say, “I think I’ll go away for five years.” Life happens.I have two girls—five (Lael) and 10 (Myla)—and I’ve been married now for 13 years.“The father said the child came in after school and said she’d been shot,” Hendersonville police Det Sgt Jim Vaughn told the Tennessean shortly after the shooting.Operating on that information, authorities scoured Shady View Drive for clues, stringing up crime scene tape between mailboxes as they searched for evidence of a shooting outside the house. Neighbours said they didn’t hear any gunshots, Fox 17 reported.

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