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Playing the part of Elroy Carpenter, an inept and dimwitted lieutenant, Hastings was recognized as a talented slapstick comedian for the show’s 138-episode run.

Eventually applying his past experience in radio dramas, Hastings voiced characters in many animated shows, including The Batman/Superman Hour (1968), Scooby Doo (1973) and The Amazing Spider-Man (1977).

I was six-years-old and I had discovered Batman for the first time.

My first experience with the Caped Crusader wasn’t with the comic books, movies or live-action television show. I was cheering when I first saw Batman being pulled across the dark crimson skies of Gotham by Man-Bat. It was the thing that made me a lover of geek culture today.

Now the question is, what will the Marvel Cinematic Universe do to bring Spider-Man into their world? For one thing, most of the heroes we’re aware of in the MCU don’t have secret identities.

People know Tony Stark is Iron Man, Steve Rodgers is Captain America and Thor is… It’ll be nice to see Spider-Man as a more down to earth superhero coming into the larger scheme of that universe, especially in the wake of the events in New York.

Spider-Man potentially coming in as a youthful bright eyed boy who has recently gained powers and feels lost will look up to the heroes that saved his town and surely want to emulate their actions.

He also works as a member of the Springfield Volunteer Fire Department.My mouth hit the floor when Harvey Dent’s face was revealed after his tragic accident. That’s why it pains me to report that Bob Hastings, the voice of Commissioner James Gordon on the beloved animated series, passed away yesterday at the age of 89.Hastings, who spent a decade voicing Gordon on Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, left behind a career in acting and voice work that goes back decades.By the time he met Yi Liu, a woman in his graduate-level music theory class at Boston University, he was better prepared.On a summer day in 1989, as they sat side by side on the beach, Liu leaned over and kissed Shore on the lips.

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