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It looks cool, it embodies status, and the potential of its power is as important — if not more important — than its application.

I don’t have money for sports cars, but plenty of folks with my common mix of car lust and incompetence do have the cash.

Aiming to be the Rolls Royce of Xbox Ones in a sea of Ford and Chevy bundles and deals, the Xbox One Elite Console offers a premium alternative at a premium 9 price: a 1TB Xbox One – complete with a solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) – paired with Microsoft’s upscale Elite controller.

But thanks mostly to optimizations and efficiencies gained from the New Xbox One Experience dashboard, the Elite’s minimal hardware benefits aren’t enough to make it an easy recommendation.

Meanwhile, the chat headset is the standard, flimsy unit included in every Xbox One.

It’s unimpressive in any context, but it’s especially out of place here.

Themselves publishers of over 50 game titles for the British Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer (which may be little known to most of our readers in the states), Elite plans to bring a bevy of venerable Spectrum titles to our favorite mobile games platform through future volumes of the collection.

Along with the eight buttons, two joysticks, and a direction pad, the Elite includes four programmable paddles, a couple switches, four alternate joysticks, and an alternate omnidirectional pad.

It’s comical, while using the Elite, to think it came from the same company responsible for Kinect, a hands-free peripheral that hoped to remove the controller as a barrier to newcomers.

For those unfamiliar, the ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit home computer that was released by Sinclair Research in the UK in 1982.

It is based on the Z-80 processor running at 3.5MHz and features a 256×192 pixel display in 16 colors (with notable restrictions).

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